Calren's Interview with Admin Jay

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Calren: First off, how do you feel about the griefing in the game? 

Jay: If you mean griefing as in, continuous player respawn camping. Then I think it need's to be changed, over three player's have quit this week because of a guild I will not name, camping them until there vitae was nothing. I have said though, that any unreasonable amount of Vitae produced because of this will be restored partially. I do not know what the current time limit on death protection is, but I will look into it. Any other suggestion's are welcomed on the message boards or email on how to fix it. 

Calren: Some of the larger guilds appear to want to ruin the game by driving away everyone, do you have anything to say to them? 

Jay: It is by choice of the player's to do what they want with guilds at this time. If it is the choice to make a massive empire, or a two person rouge guild. It is legal. I may not agree with the way some thing's are handled and done. And I believe that a massive size guild can ruin the game experience for others but it seem's to be a very sensitive issue on how to limit guilds but not restrain them. We are though working on it, and have figured out a partial system to fix the problem. The detail's will be released in the near future. I can assure everyone though, it will not effect the "smaller guilds" and not completely harm the "larger guilds". It will though limit the amount of player's in a guild. Possibly in the twenties. 

Calren: Currently the help in-game is... limited, at best. Is anything being done to help new players learn how-to play? 

Jay: There has been a tutorial built for new players to learn how to play, but due to some coding errors we could not yet get new player's to a spot off newbie island. Mickey is working on this, and I'm sure it will be included in the near future. The tutorial has plenty of information for new players, how to fight and manipulate items, chests and doors. And other features to it, made by myself. Mickey has been very overworked the passed few weeks, and he is on vacation right now. So expect many more updates when he is back. There will also be the possible addition of a "newbie" type chat, and the Appeal system is being totally revamped. I'll also include, with that. That all @ admins are expected to help any new player when they are online. If they fail to do there job, or do something not likable. It is best to report the problem to myself or Admin UT. We are looking at the current admins very thoroughly and there will be some possible new additions to the @ admin team in the near future. But that is all the detail's I can give.

Calren: so those that have been turned away by the difficulty of learning the game may want to check back in the near future, correct? 

Jay: That is correct, also if you have not noted the AUTH system has been removed. Account's are once again automatically processed and done on the spot. Unfortunately this will create a lot more work for the admins to keep the player's from abusing this. Expect many multi-plots. But this had to be done. The time to wait for a authorization was completely irrational. And I myself would not like it in games I play. 

Calren: Would Mickey add in a system to the server where the client and/or the server checks for multi-logging? 

Jay: There is currently a very limited system to check for dual account's, but it is very unreliable. Also most people claim they are on a router and have other family members playing. Based completely on my opinion, 85% of the time there lying out there backside. :-) But... Many people do have routers more then they did before. And it's extremely hard to tell if one is lying or not. We try our best though, and hopefully more way's to stop this will come soon.

Calren: the usage system lacks some information, when will it be updated to include such things as alchemy combinations?

Jay: Actually, all item use's start out in the usage system. The Rpgwo senior staff decide's on which are included or not in the coding. Some thing's like alchemy combinations are not included purposely. There are quite a few other's that do not appear in usage as well. It is meant to help player's, but not completely give away all the item use's in the game. Because of the mass amount of item use's, nearly reaching three thousand, we need to limit it sometime's just for the enormous ammount of items. The better items we try to leave out.

BlueSorceror: How does the staff feel about fansites that give out spell combinations, alchemy combinations, and more? 

Jay: As of right now, I personally give out the address of Jon's web site at Although some of the stuff posted on there I do not like, and many thing's I have had removed, we do not stop player's from making fan sites. As long as all info is gotten by the player, and not an admin or admin's character. And that there is no sharing, or showing of rpgwo minimaps. Fan site's are to be made of any game, and many fansites give away info. Just be cautious with what you place on your site, and I doubt we'll have a problem with it. If we do, we'll be sure to contact you and give you plenty of time to get rid of the problem, or talk to us about it. Although some of the rumors are true, im not alway's quick finger mcban. :-) 

Calren: What do you think of the playerbase? 

Jay: I think the current playerbase in term's of attitude is quite well depending on which game's you have played. I've seen games quite worse, and I mean a lot worse. And although we seem to attract a younger crowd sometime's more then the older crowd, I try to believe we have a good amount of truthful and honest players. I could name at least ten off the top of my head, but I try not to be biast. :-) There of course (like in any game), is the handful of immature punks who try and ruin the game for everyone else. But I think we do our best to stop them, and try to handle any harassment issues as soon as possible. We have no tolerance for racial comments, out of hand profanity, and harassment or putting down of other players.

Calren: The Terms of Service appear to state that everyone is to roleplay at all times, however there appears to be no roleplaying on anyone's part in-game. Could you explain? 

Jay: Well, we tried this a bit in the beginning. But it's not really our choice on who roleplay's or not. We cant make player's roleplay. So if they do not try, we will not enforce. I do however change un roleplaying like names. And make changes to some, such as capitalizing and number removal. It is also hard to roleplay in a game such as this when each player has his own idea of how roleplaying should be done. I do try to do events, and I've done a few in the past but ive been extremely busy in the past month with many new rpgwo features and items behind the client. Any player rp events are completely backed and supported by the Rpgwo Staff. 

Calren: is there anything you would like from the community? 

Jay: I'd like the community to continue to get new people in game, tell their friends and family about rpgwo, and hopefully have a better view on it then a select few players and find the good in the game. I'd like everyone to use the message boards which is where I will answer most questions. Today I was proud to see 40 player's on Rpgwo which is an all time record. The lag was a tad higher then normal, but not so bad. If we do continue to get more player's, there is no doubt that Mickey will optimize the coding for more player's someway or another. 

Calren: Will the game go pay-to-play anytime in the near future? 

Jay: No, the game will never, and I repeat WILL NEVER. Go P2P. Do not expect it to go P2P and do not even listen to rumors. We accept donations, and reward the players that do so with perks. We appreciate any amount donated to help towards rpgwo. Again, I'd like to stress Rpgwo WILL NEVER go P2P. The entire staff is and will always be totally against it. (Unless Sony buys us out for a few million. But I don't see that in the near future. :-)) 

Calren: how many licks to the center of a tootsie pop? 

Jay: Well, if you take the velocity of lick's determined by the mass of the lolipop times the volume in atomic numeral numerators. Then I would have to say 28. But it's only my foolish guess. 

Calren: Will anything be added to cooking to give food greater meaning? Currently a person could eat red meat all the time and stay healthy. 

Jay: I wouldn't say that exactly, but expect more "drinking" type items and thirst type status effects in the near future. Possibly a brewing skill, but there are no details on it so far. Food is somewhat easy to get, and a few hundred jerky lasts quite a long time. Hopefully drinking can balance this out if added. Also more food and "food digestion" effects will be added soon. 

Calren: In the future, will there be anyway for a blacksmith to customize something he or she has crafted? 

Jay: It depend's in which way you mean customizing, right now weapons are a tad limited, but blacksmiths by far have the most items creatable then almost any other tradeskill. If you mean "named" weapons, or possibly added stats. I would think if added, (And this is my idea) it would be under some sort of skill like Spellcrafting. 

Calren: anything else you would like to add? 

Jay: I hope everyone has a good time on Rpgwo, and I hope the game continue's to grow through the rough and easy times. Expect many more features, items and content to come in the near future. Thank's to all the player's who make rpgwo what it is. And be sure to check in at for news and forums! 

Calren: Thank you for your time."