Monster Listing

This page contains a listing of all of the monsters found in RPG World Online. However, it can only determine the level, picture, and name of the monsters.
(That's all that's stored in the data file for some unknown reason...)

Note that sometimes pages 'overlap'. Sorry about this, it's due to NULL space in the monsterfile.
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Mutant SheepLevel:17
Gold GolemLevel:22
Mystic KnightLevel:38
Elken KnightLevel:48
Elken PriestessLevel:64
Magi DrakeLevel:73
Snow DrakeLevel:40
Fire DrakeLevel:51
Dark DrakeLevel:60
Magma DemonLevel:107
Bat SwarmLevel:31
Baby ChickenLevel:1
Giant RoachLevel:3
Grayvyn SoldierLevel:12
Grayvyn RangerLevel:35
Grayvyn WitchLevel:16
Grayvyn HoundLevel:9
Grayvyn SquireLevel:25
Grayvyn PikeLevel:17
Grayvyn KnightLevel:50