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The Basics

Here are some of the basics to playing RPG World Online.
  • Attributes are general abilities of player
  • May be raised by spending experience
  • To raise: click up arrow button next to attribute
  • Attributes affect a skill's base value, therefore raise an attribute and you will raise any skill that uses the attribute
  • Life: Basic hit points. When life reaches 0 you die.
  • Stamina: Energy for doing things, see Stamina later in Help
  • Mana: Energy for doing magic
  • Strength: Ability to hold, carry, wear, etc.
  • Dexterity: Hand-eye coordination, balance
  • Quickness: How fast one is
  • Intelligence: Ability to focus the mind
  • Wisdom: Mental capacity
  • Clicking on the name will give XP needed for next raise
  • Skills are specific abilities of player
  • Skills will be improved with usage
  • Skill's base value is a formula, for example Melee Defense Base = (Dexterity + Quickness) / 3
  • Clicking on a skill name will give details and XP needed until next raise
    Player Status Bars
  • In the upper/middle part of screen are 3 bars: GREEN, YELLOW, and BLUE
  • GREEN is players current Life
  • YELLOW is players current Stamina
  • BLUE is players current Mana
  • The bar will go to the left as your values go down
  • Click on the bars to toggle the display mode for them
  • Use keypad or arrow keys to move single steps
  • Right click on map for player to "go-to" there
  • Tactical map is in upper-left
  • Strategic map is under "Map" in tab MFD
  • NumLock may need to be on
  • /GOTO [x], [y]
  • Click on a target in the tactical display
  • Select "A" button in lower right of screen
  • Your player will move within range and start attacking
  • If the target moves out of your view, attacking is cancelled
  • Move the player or click "A" again to cancel attacking
  • Critical attack is when an attack is 3 times better then the defend
  • Clicking "G" will automatically attack anything in range
  • When your Life reaches 0, you die
  • When you die, you get a 3% reduction in Vitae (see Vitae section)
  • You lose half the gold you carry and an item you are carrying
  • Normally you will auto-resurrect at the last Life Stone you attuned to
  • If you don't, exit world and re-enter world with the same player
  • Normal vitae is 100%
  • A player loses 3% of their vitae upon death
  • Vitae is restored when you earn experience
  • Vitae only affects skills, not attributes for example: when vitae is 95%, then all skills reduced by 5%
  • Your players current Vitae is indicated by the "dot" in the upper right corner, just above the MFD tabs
  • The Vitae Dot will be different colors to indicate varying levels of Vitae
  • GREEN: 100% or Normal
  • YELLOW: 95% to 99%
  • ORANGE: 85% to 94%
  • RED: less than 85%
  • Click on Vitae Dot to see exact Vitae in the lower right Text display
  • Normal chat is NOT global, NOT all players get the message
  • Normal chat messages have about 1-2 screen range
  • TAB key "should" activate it
  • Type your message
  • Numeric keypad still controls player
  • Press ENTER send message
  • "Menu" tab has option to save chat to "chat.log"
  • Commands can be preceded by @, /, or \
  • The follow commands do different chat functions:
  • @, /, Or \ - alone gives list
  • /PLAYER or /WHO - Shows all players currently in the world
  • /KILLS - Shows all players you have killed
  • /DEATHS - Shows the number of times you have died
  • /AGE - Shows your age in V-Time
  • /DOB - Shows when you were born
  • /TELL [name], [message] or /T [name], [message] - Sends a private message to a player
  • /RETELL [message] or /RT [message] - Sends a private message to the last person you messaged
  • /REPLY [message] or /R [message] - Sends a private message back to the last person who messaged you
  • /IGNORE [name] - Add or remove a player from your ignore list
  • /IGNORE - View your ignore list
  • /IGNOREGLOBAL - Stop receiving global messages
  • /IGNORETELL - Stop receiving private messages
  • /GLOBAL [message] or /G [message] - Send a message to everyone online
  • /GUILDCHAT [message] or /Z [message] - Send a message to all your guild members online
    Item Use
  • Left click/drag items to move them
  • Left double click on map item to view it
  • Right click on items in inventory to get popup menu
  • Drag item in your inventory on top another to merge
  • Right click on items with a quantity, gives "split" option
  • Right click on a food item in inventory, select Eat
  • Players can eat and store up to 250 units of food
  • About 144 units of food used each V-day, or once per 10 V-minutes
  • That gives over 3 V-days of going without food
  • When food is zero, you start to starve losing Stamina then Life
  • Check the bottom of the "Player" tab for food levels
    Magic System
  • To cast spells you need a wand readied in your hand. Just drag it to the "weapon" slot
  • Wands each have a power level that magnifies a spells intensity, so a wand of power 2 does 2 times the effect as a wand of power 1
  • Wands wear out with use and will degrade and eventually break which may cause damage to the caster
  • The appropriate skill is need and used to determine the caster ability to successfully cast a spell
  • The higher a magic skill is the higher level wand they can use successfully
  • Black Magic is for offensive spells
  • White Magic is for defensive and healing spells
  • Red Magic is for Enchantment spells
  • Blue Magic is for Item spells
  • Spells do not do critical hits
  • Runes are the formula for creating and casting spells. You need the right runes, in the right order, in order to cast any specific spell. Each rune has a specific purpose and they are not just random for each spell. For example: the spell Heal Self I use 4 runes (Nal, Oyo, Alq, Yag), the first rune is always the "Target" rune. For this spell, Nal means Self. The others you must figure out your self.
  • When researching new spells, that is the time to determine the order. During casting the order of runes is not needed. Also, a minimum of skill is needed to learn the spell, so if a combo does not work when you are at a low skill level, it might work at higher skill levels.
  • /SPELLCOUNT - Shows how many spells there are and their names but not rune combinations
    Land Ownership
  • Land parcels are 20x20 in size
  • Each player may own 1 land parcel
  • The following chat commands apply:
  • /LANDCLAIM - Claims the land as your own
  • /LANDUNCLAIM - Unclaims the land you own. You must be on the land for it to work
  • /LANDLIST - Shows all your land parcels that you own
  • /LANDOWNER - Tells you who owns the land you are on
  • /LANDGIVE [name] - Transfers ownership of the land to [name]. The receiving player must be online
  • /LANDRIGHTS [name] - Gives or revokes rights to other. If no name is specified it lists players with rights to the land.
  • /SURFACE [optional number] - Changes the appearance of a flat tile in your land
  • Mail system is designed for simple offline communication, in game
  • All date/times are in game world units.
  • Commands:
  • /MAIL - Lists all mail in your mail box
  • /MAIL [number] - Lists a single mail
  • /MAILSEND [name], [message] - Sends mail to a player
  • /MAILDEL [number] - Deletes the mail number
  • /MAILDEL * - Deletes all the mail
  • /MAILNEW - Lists all NEW mail only
  • Once a NEW mail is listed, it is assumed viewed and it is no longer marked as NEW
  • The following are the perks for a player that has them enabled
  • 2 land claims instead of 1
  • Skill cap of 400 is lifted
  • Weapons with a rating of or over 120 usable
  • Armor with AL of or over 15 usable
  • Wands with power level of or over 2.0 usable
  • All spells are usable


  • Posting is intended for global advertisements or announcements, you are only allowed to have one post at a time, any new post you add, overwrites any older post
  • /post - Displays all posts
  • /post - add/modifies your message post
  • /postdel - deletes your current post
  • /ignoreposts - toggles ignoring posts


  • The following are other useful things to know for Rpgwo
  • /elevation  - gives current land height
  • /up  - gets you out if you stuck underground
  • /password - changes your password
  • /suicide - kills yourself
  • /temp  - displays your temperature and world temperature
  • /ignorenotices - ignore player entrances and exits
  • /rule - displays the world rules
  • /fixwall - fixs walls that are broken from seiges
  • /s - talk during a seige
  • /history - shows how picked locks and killed your tames
  • /karma - displays your karma value
  • /bitch - shows your bitches (phobos only)
  • /bitchadd - adds a bitch
  • /bitchdel - deletes a bitch
  • /ver - displays the rpgwo version and server owner.