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Purchased Dedicated Server 10/2/04

Scihuv and I have recently purchased a dedicated server in which we are hosting Arcanium, Phobos, and The Arena. Its costing some money so thats why you notice the changes to pages. Rpgwo.net is up and has online scripts for who's online and topten. Starting player plus packs and guild packs Also thinking about starting a web hosting business since we have all this space on the server.

Jon The Great 

Secure Trade Added 5/13/04

Rpgwo Version is now 1.13 Secure Trade has been added to RPGWO. It is really pretty neat. Check out this cool screenshot Secure Trade Other news invisible traps added and the abilty to set indivudual item prices on traders.

Jon The Great 

SteelTide added and tons of other news 4/17/04

Been a while since I updated the news so many things have been happening in rpgwo SteelTide opened. UT World Opened. I became @@@Admin on phobos. Too many things have changed to say in one post. I am looking for people to post some world news. Email me at jon@rpgwo.com

Jon The Great 

Phobos Server added 3/29/03

A new server was added to Rpgwo.  The land of Phobos there is no admin built quests or towns and people can steal items from other people's land.  Also thanks to Nova, we have added a complete monster list page to the site with their picture and level.

Jon The Great 

Updated Top ten Lists! 3/14/03

I have posted updated top ten lists for Run, Strength, Quickness, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Wisdom.

Jon The Great 

Rpgwo Version 1.00! 3/12/03

Wow after what seems like over three years Rpgwo has finally hit version 1.00.    What this means is that content will still be added but do not expect any big features to be added to the game.  Mickey is now working hard on another great game which is a mix between Rpgwo and Age of Empires.  Congratulations Mickey!

Jon The Great aka "webmaster"

Site Updates 3/9/03

Well I lost some of the old updates when the site went down but I am fixing everything that I lost, I have post some updated pages. In game Sports skill was added you can now play Soccer, Chess, and Checkers!  Also two new spells were added Magic Wall I and Magic Wall II.


Updated Spell!!!! 1/17/03

I have now posted all the spells in Rpgwo with their rune combos and mana cost.  


Player run traders!!! 1/12/03

There are now player run traders in the world.  They cost 10k each.  Right now I am working on a program that will make a who's online list of the people in Rpgwo.


Web Site problems? 12/30/02

Well I received an email from my web hosting company, which stated they were transferring the site to another server and that they had backup the data, but it seems like they backuped the site about a week ago, so some changes were lost.  Please report any broken links to contact@rpgwopg.cjb.net


Small Update 12/21/02

I have posted two more downloads,  which include version .42 of Rpgwo, so that you can see how it was near the beginning and a small rpg sample that Mickey made a while back.   Also I am looking for the new spells that are III for red magic and blue magic, plus the alchemy plants to make paint.


Updates and more Updates 12/15/02

I have added a links page to the site and I bring you a better updated top ten list. I have also added a new download called monster browser which allows you to view the stats of monsters.


New Beginning... 12/14/02

I have taken over this great site.  Today I have added a new section for screenshots, posted a couple of old ones.  Also since we are no longer at angelfire, there is no more popups to deal with.  I plan to add some more interactive content and more cool downloads.


Last Update by Xenoith/Zimzat 12/14/02

I won't be found in the game ever again and I won't be updating this site again.

If you would like to take over the site give me shout as to why and what you would do with the site if you got it.

Bye Peeps

PS. The site has been given to someone else. There might be a small interruption in service while it is being transferred later.

Good Bye Admin 12/10/02

After making my choice Mickey de-admined me. I don't know if I am banned or not but it seems everyone got cut off from the server not long after.

As much as the game is nice, it just isn't worth the hassle. If I'm not banned I may play occasionally if Mickey isn't resetting the game.

Also, If anyone is interested in taking up the site I'm taking applications now. If you don't know HTML don't bother signing up. PHP/CGI and a PHP/CGI server is a plus otherwise VB and regular server is a must.

Thank you.

Choices, Choices... 12/10/02

After putting up the entire world map, even though I told everyone before hand that I was making it, Mickey has asked I take it down as a abuse of admin powers. While I agree with him in some regards and a large part of this request, I won't be taking it down. If this means I lose my admin powers, so be it. If it means I lose my player, so be it. I don't mind playing the game and being admin but as an admin there really isn't anything to do except abuse the powers.

I am sorry to everyone I disappoint but there comes a time when even a pacifist such as myself won't stand it anymore.

I have updated everything in the NPC database and, as far as I know, the world map is completely up to date, not counting player changes to the world.

Thanks to everyone who has visited and spread the word around, heh.

World Map complete 12/10/02

In the wee hours of the morning I finished the world maps. So, unless the world gets wiped or new plot land comes around it will NOT be updated anymore. Perhaps in a few months but other then those reasons it is too time consuming and I'm sure Mickey wants to kill me for wasting so much bandwidth, heh.

Enjoy the map everyone.

wha... World Wipe??" 12/09/02

I was in the middle of scanning a sector map and UT decided to make a little joke, yes, joke, about having a world wipe after christmas. I am happy to say this IS NOT true and I will be resuming scanning the sectors in a little bit. (need to get more updated, heh)

(Partial) World Mapper! 12/09/02

Yep, I got nearly 3/4 of the maps done and decided to go ahead and upload them. You can find the link in the menu (lalala) so, have fun. They probably won't be updated again for a month since it takes so darn long and I doubt many maps will change in that time.

Opps, Sorry Peeps! 12/07/02

Sorry I haven't updated for such a long time. I keep getting wrapped up in one thing and then the next I forget about so many things. The good news is I have been working on getting a lot of updates for the site.

The main one is Mickey has agreed to allow me to host all the Top Ten lists. However, this may not show up right away because he is considering adding a option for a player to opt out of ALL the lists for their privacy.

The next big thing I have coming is, you'd have never guessed, a World Map. You'll be able to say 'show me sectors 3,4 to 5,5 and it will show you those sectors. (rectangles only, heh) This won't be up for at least two days because it takes about 24 hours to get a complete world map and then to write the code for it all the first time will probably take me another day.

I have gathered the data on just about every NPC Monster out there and I will be uploading it soon, I just need to get a better updating method on.

Also, I have decided NOT to continue the player data section anymore. Why? Because players are all the time changing their data and just catching them overloaded will tell me wrong information. Sorry folks but that one will probably be gone for good.

Last, but certainly not least, during my use of RPGWO, I have made quite a few utilities to aid me in playing. One of these is a map overlay to show where things spawn and another is to turn a players maps into one big world map. I'll get them up soon as well.

Thanks for being patient!

Happy Thanksgiving! 11/28/02
Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone. Go home, enjoy your (however demitted or crazed) families for a few days before we all have to get back to the bump and grind of every day life.

Opps, Almost forgot! 11/28/02
Someone requested I make a forum so, with much haste this morning, I put it up. You can find a link in the menu bar.

Spider Spawn Solved. (We think at least) 11/28/02

I'm late in saying all this (you try getting out of a game at the good part) but I am, so enjoy it.

The spawn time of items to monsters has been set at every 15 minutes and monsters spawning items happens every 5 minutes.

Also, Spiders sometimes drop Spider Webs which can be turned into Silk items. Now what the silk will be used for is another matter :-D

On a different note, the Players Quest is almost done. Mickey was up late last night working on the rest of it. *pats Mickey on the back* Everyone give him a round of applause.

New Stuff! 11/27/02

I hacked the names of all ^almost all^ the monsters from the monster def file (shhh... that isn't illegal) and uploaded them all here. I don't have all the data on them all but the list is growing.

I also changed quite a few things around. Expect more things to change over the next few weeks =)

EEK! Spider! 11/27/02
Folks, There is a spider infestation going around as the admins play with the spawn time of items to monsters and vica versa. Ya never know where they'll pop up next =D

The Start... 11/26/02
I've started to write down all the changes I make to the website and when I make them or the changes that happen in the game. This includes any admin announcements, player announcements, events, or anything else of significant importance.