Rav's RPGWO Stuff!


Hello and welcome to my site of RPGWO stuff :P  This is just basically showing things that I have drawn recently. 

Sprites: People that I drew. Some of them are just recolorations (that a word? lol)


The goddess pic I thought would be like a magma goddess.... I have more characters that I will add later




These are monster (well more of a semi race) that I call Hulkarths.

He's a monster thing- so no clue what he is or does P






I like my shields : ) The 2 on the right are how the shields look before they are finished...so like a template :P  New: Elemental Shields : ) Fire, Frost, and Lightning

Ice things:


I dont like these that much...










the one on the right is borrowed from Rummager

Work in Progress:

candelabras on tables. im not done yet though.

Chocolate Stuff:


Ok you have a chocolate tree. you use your hand to pick cocoa beans then crush them with a mortar and pestle to get cocoa powder. U use milk on the cocoa powder to get get cocoa butter-then cocoa butter on baking sheet-use that on an oven to get chocolate bars (pure chaos drew the chocolate bar :D )- Theres chocolate milk too : )




elk hide couches, mutant hide couches (i was bored heh) 

There are also bottom corners that we need  but don't have in game yet.


For some reason the quality of the pictures didn't come out that well. Anyway, this is art stuff. Canvas, 4 paintings then those paintings on all the walls.


Misc. Stuff:


In order: A snake, a vial of poison, a poison arrow and bolt, 3 necklaces/amulets. a crystal ball,  an orb (?), a magicians hat, a coffin, Pegasus, 4 statues, the horse ones are just recolored though. a snow helmet, lilacs,  more statues (were going to be used for something I had planned on phob. anyway I kinda went statue crazy o.o) and my little magicians hat with a bunny that I thought was cute ^_^ and a new helmet i drew



Email Me:

If you do or don't like these pics you can email me with any suggestions at Swyft17@hotmail.com. I will continue updating this site as I finish drawing :)